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Independent Edge As an Independent agency, we are able to give each of our customers personal attention and one-on-one consultation services that take all of your interests, questions, concerns, and unique coverage needs into consideration when shopping the market for the best policies available.

Qualified Agents With over 30 years working in the Insurance business, our agents are qualified to make professional carrier and coverage recommendations that will suit your unique needs. 

Competitive Pricing Since we have access to numerous companies, we are able to provide you with special discounts that only certain carriers offer. Our agents are happy to help you take advantage of these unique savings opportunities. Contact us and find out how we can help you save.

Farmer Friendly As Iowa natives, we know the ins and outs of protecting agribusiness. From family owned farms to large agricultural operations, cattle barns to grain silos and everything in between, we recommend the best policies to ensure that your home and livelihood are fully covered.




meet our agents

All Plan Insurance was started with the goal of providing qualified, professional insurance services to the community with the personal attention and neighborly customer service that only independent agents can provide.​

Tangie Litchkey

Tangie joined our agency in 2006 and has become our health insurance specialist.  She has managed to follow and stay up to date with all the changes in the health insurance industry, including Medicare.

Email: tangie@allplanins.com  


Lisa transitioned into an agency owner of All Plan Insurance in 2015 after being a licensed producer for 24 years.  Lisa’s clients have and always will be considered her and her staff’s top priority.

Email: lisa@allplanins.com  

Paula Keller

Paula has worked in the insurance industry for over 11 years.  Paula’s excellent customer service skills allow her to instantly put each client at ease when discussing their insurance needs.  Her 10 years of being a licensed agent enables her to tailor each clients needs to the company that is a financial fit.

Email: paula@allplanins.com

Annette Page

Annette has been a personal lines agent since she joined our agency in 2007.  As an agent, Annette enjoys taking the time to get to know each client and works hard to find the right coverage for each client.  Annette has become very familiar with the numerous carriers our agency represents so she is able to provide a prompt review and rate to all our new clients, as well as continue to provide excellent customer service to our existing clientele.

Email: annette@allplanins.com

All Plan Insurance provides professional financial services and qualified coverage for home, health, auto, and life insurance. We aim to provide you with excellent customer service and policies that give you security and peace of mind.​


Houses, Rentals, Condos

 Home. Whether it’s your first apartment, a rental property during college, or your dream-house, it is a high stakes commodity, filled with memories and personal belongings with significant value. All Plan can help you to fully protect your home and your possessions, with a policy that fits your budget.

+ Protection from damage to your house or other structures
+ Protection for your personal belongings, with additional coverage for high value items.
+ Liability coverage for property damage caused by you or someone else. 


Farms, Agriculture, Livestock

As proud Iowans, we know the importance of coverage for farms, wineries, and agricultural producers. Unpredictable weather and unforeseen circumstances are the risks facing every farmer, and we’re here to give you the security you need to keep your farm operations running smoothly. Our success is built upon our ability to provide innovative agribusiness coverage, risk control services and excellent claim support to our community.

+ Family farms & ranches
+ Grain & field crops
+ Wholesale agricultural business
+ Livestock coverage
+ Wineries & vineyards



Medical, Dental, Life Coverage

 Health insurance can be intimidating and complex, but at All Plan, we aim to answer all of your questions, provide you with the best care available, and meet your needs on your budget. Life insurance is less complex but no less important when it comes to ensuring the future of your family. As with any of our insurance policies, we are always willing to meet with our customers face to face to discuss their coverage and carrier options.

+ Doctor’s visits & medication
+ Emergency medical expenses
+ Dental care & specialized coverage
+ Funeral expenses
+ Term, Whole Life, and Universal Life Insurance


Small, Mid-Sized, Large Businesses

Choosing the right insurance for your business is a very important decision. After all, your business is more than just a building and a product, it’s your livelihood, your passion, and your means of providing for yourself, your family, and your employees. Whether you are a store owner, wholesale manufacturer, or commercial organization, our goal is to provide you with the best coverage available.

+ Unique, individualized coverage for your business
+ Specialized loss prevention
+ Equipment/production breakdown
+ Workers compensation & more



Boats, Antiques, Collectibles

 From jewelry to family heirlooms, collectibles, and large investments such as boats, yachts, and antiques, you may have more to protect than you realize – and your homeowners policy may not cover their full value. We can help you determine a plan that specifically covers your most prized possessions. Your peace of mind is worth it.

+ Collectibles & antiques
+ High-value electronics
+ Boats, yachts, and ATVs
+ Artworks & irreplaceable items


Cars, SUVS, Motorcycles

 Whatever you’re driving, from a motorcycle to a minivan, there’s a lot riding on those wheels besides glass and steel. Don’t let your life and the lives of your family be disrupted by unexpected accidents. All Plan will help you choose the right auto insurance to protect you from all of the risks of the road.

+ Bodily injury (including by uninsured motorists)
+ Property damage liability
+ Medical payments
+ Collisions with objects/other vehicles